Sunday, July 8, 2012

100 Strangers Project- 1/100

Stranger 1/100- Brian

This picture is in my 1/100 strangers project. 
This project is something I have been interested in doing since the beginning of the year. My original plan was to start Jan 1st and force myself out of my comfort zone. Well, 7mths later, in my 1st semester as a photograph major, "strangers" has been assigned. So here we have it!
This is "Brian" or "Brion" he actually approached me as I worked on another homework assignment. He was more than happy to be apart of this project and my homework assignment. It was interesting learning about him and how he came to be in Denver, being homeless by choice. He grew up a farm boy on the Canadian border. Became a mechanic for many years. After a divorce he decided to take a sabbatical and live on the streets. Brion, told me about he daughters and what beautiful strong young women they grew up to be. This photograph was actually taken as he told me about them... there was an overwhelming sadness about him.
As we stood there in the middle of 16th street mall it began to rain. He left me with some dating advice and in invite for coffee. Of course I thanked him but declined the coffee date. I'm left wondering if he is who he said he was. The one thing I left there sure of is that he missed his daughters. As for the rest, I'm really not sure.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


First Snow- Glendale, CO 2011

Taken with my iPhone 4- edited with instagram

- can be seen at the iWorld exhibition at CPAC's Flash Gallery

CPAC, January 10 – February 11, 2012 | Reception Friday, January 13, 5-8 pm

Ashley's Kitten- Denver, CO Jan 2012

Nikon D40- 1/200- f2.8- 50mm- ISO 400

Monday, September 26, 2011


long run- Denver, CO 2011 

NikonD40-1/4-f2.0-50mm-ISO 200 


cherry bowl
the kitchen- Denver, CO 7/2011

35mm-400-50mm 1.4f- Nikon N80

Olympus E-500-1/100-f5.6-ISO 200

Olympus E-500-1/320-f3.5-ISO 200

Colter Jake- White Tank Mountains, AZ 12/2010


Best Western- Sandy, UT 8/2011

NikonD40-1/50- f/2.0- ISO 800